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Mississauga, Ontario, L5C 1W4

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Company Profile

A diversified team of qualified professionals.
Maintaining consistently high standards in our clients' premises is a demanding job that requires the commitment of experienced professionals at every level .Whether they operate a burnisher , supervise a region or develop customer care programs at head office , it has always been the people who work at NNJS that set our service apart . Our courteous and cooperative crews and unit employees take great pride in delivering a dependable, consistent service that meets or exceeds our client' requirements. Our comprehensive system of checks and controls allow us to react quickly and effectively to any concerns that may arise and our uniformed front-line staff are trustworthy, well-groomed and knowledgeable in their field. More importantly, they care about the job they do. We're proud of our people and the reason is obvious on every site we maintain.

Communication, Support and exceptional quality control
Over more than three decades, NNJS has developed a series of very effective processes and controls to ensure unsurpassed results on every assignment. All employees are backed up by our head-office support team, and also also by supervisors and field managers who are available by cell phone. Regular field inspections are scheduled with our client to discuss performance, challenges and opportunities. Our structured follow-up programs are tailored to the tasks and specifications of each job site. They include customized project scheduling and implementation, quality control checklists and regular site visits by management personnel. We thrive on constructive suggestions and continually seek new methods and technologies to deliver superior services.

Our Team

Name Position Experience Picture
Dave Thind Chief Executive Officer 18 years
Mike King VP of Operation 25 years
Rajwinder Thind Controller 15 years
Sangeet Paul Director Admin 15 years
Paul Judge Director (Logistics) 20 years

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